The Presidential Tower | Job Opportunities at CNTC India Projects


Talented and capable people have played a major role in powering and defining the growth of The Presidential Tower Project over the last few decades. They have been supported by an enabling environment that buoys individual talent while fostering teamwork and the creation of shared success. The Presidential Tower Project believes that when people with diverse skills are bound together by a common purpose and value system, they can create magic which is amplified.

Our value systems reflect those of our parent company and everyone at the helm of it. As a member of our team, you will be,

  • Empowered to make decisions
  • Cared for to ensure you perform your best
  • Trusted with resources of every kind
  • Enriched with knowledge of real estate projects
  • Rewarded with accolades and recognition
  • Respected for all the expertise and experience you bring


If you are interested in a career with us please fill in the form below.

The The Presidential Tower Project, is the biggest Joint Venture India has come across after an extensive time frame. The Presidential Tower Project is a Hong Kong based real estate developer, a part of 15 billion USD, Jiangsu Nantong San Jian conglomerate. It has completed tremendous project over 35+ countries and 120 cities across the globe.

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