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Where are the best ultra-luxury apartments in Yeshwanthpur Bangalore located with excellent amenities?

When it comes to purchasing luxury apartments, a lot of factors come into play that can affect your decision. From the location of the residential area to the price of the apartments, you need to compare various pros and cons to select the home of your dreams. If you have been residing in Bangalore for a while, you must be familiar with Yeswanthpur, the Manhattan of Bangalore, which embodies some of the best apartments in the city.

Yeswanthpur is the abode to Bangalore’s leading doctors, business owners, jewelers, and engineers. If you are contemplating on purchasing one of the luxury apartments in Yeswanthpur Bangalore, you have already made the first wise decision. Now comes the hurdle of choosing the best luxury flats in Yeswanthpur, and this guide helps you simplify your selection process.

Yeshwanthpur: The Manhattan of Bangalore

Before proceeding to the best residential properties in Yeshwanthpur, it is essential to understand the benefits of choosing Yeswanthpur for your dream home. Yeswanthpur is one of the primary industrial areas in Bangalore, consisting of more than ten IT companies and more than five ultra-luxury residential properties.

Additionally, Yeswanthpur embodies a large number of markets, theaters, parks, and all on-demand services and facilities. Most importantly, the Yeswanthpur area includes the Yeswanthpur Railway Station, which is one of the busiest railway stations in Karnataka. Moreover, this area is proliferating, giving rise to more employment and residential opportunities.

Some famous buildings and attractions of Bangalore like Taj Yeswanthpur, People Tree Hospitals, and Orion Mall are located in Yeswanthpur. Therefore, it is a no brainer that if you are looking for the best luxury residential apartments in Bangalore, there is no better place than Yeswanthpur.

Ultra Luxury Flats in Yeswanthpur Bangalore

Since we have discussed the benefits of purchasing a residential property in Yeswanthpur, let’s build down to the best luxury apartments in Bangalore. One of the first things you need to understand while buying your dream apartment is to look for happiness.

Sometimes a 20 crore 4BHK luxury villa might not provide the level of satisfaction that a 2BHK medium-range flat provides. From the amenities to the location, various factors help you determine your requirements and expectations from your dream home.

That being said, there are a few excellent options for purchasing the best luxury flats in Yeswanthpur Bangalore like Terra Alegria, Golden Grand, Arge Urban Bloom, and The Presidential Tower. Other options also exist, and all of them have some similarities and some differences. Some provide more amenities at less cost; some are located at a better location, whereas more reputed developers develop some.

However, one residential property that stands out from all the other residential buildings and areas not only in Yeswanthpur but the entire city of Bangalore is The Presidential Tower. Let’s discuss some exciting features of The Presidential Tower and understand why it offers the best luxury residential apartments in Bangalore.

The Presidential Tower

Being the tallest building in Bangalore, The Presidential Tower gives you an unparalleled opportunity to be one of the few people that will get a chance to make this construction masterpiece their abode. However, being the tallest building of the city is not the only reason to select The Presidential Tower for your luxury apartments in Yeswanthpur Bangalore.

Here are a few features that make the Presidential Tower different from any other residential building in Yeswanthpur.

  • Prime Location: Yeswanthpur is one of the most favored areas by doctors, business owners, jewelers, and engineers in Bangalore because of the ever-increasing development and opportunities. Moreover, have your home at a prime location provides you access to all on-demand facilities like excellent healthcare, shopping, fitness, and much more.
  • Quality: CNTC has always prioritized details and chased perfection, and it does the same with the Presidential Tower. The building material used is of premium quality, and the apartments are equipped with the best furniture and appliances. From Italian marble to hardwood ceilings, The Presidential Tower defines quality.
  • Amenities: Luxury means better facilities that can help you get going with your daily needs. The apartments in the Presidential Tower feature all the necessary and premium amenities you can imagine in a luxury apartment. From rooftop infinity pool to a world-class gym, The Presidential Tower enables you to have luxury on your fingertips.
  • Privacy: For people living in the tallest building in Bangalore, privacy and security are more crucial than party decks and infinity pools. Unique constructional modifications like private gardens, high walls, plentiful foliage, and guarded entrances ensure that you don’t suffer any unwanted nuisance. The Presidential Tower is secured 24×7 active security cards and multiple CCTV cameras to make sure your security is prioritized above anything else.
  • Pride: Imagine the feeling of standing on the rooftop of the tallest building in Bangalore, thinking about the hard work and the hustle you have put in to own the house of your dreams. The feeling will be a mix of emotion, happiness, and pride, exactly what The Presidential Tower intends to offer.
  • Price: The biggest hurdle for successful business owners and doctors that dream of owning one of the ultra-luxury flats in Yeswanthpur Bangalore is the price. Ultra-luxury flats in Bangalore cost Rs. 15-20 crore, along with various additional costs. All the apartments in The Presidential Tower cost between an all-inclusive price of Rs. 2.5-5.5 crore, an incredible amount for the amenities offered and the top-notch quality material used.

The Ending Note

Owning one of the best apartments in Bangalore is the dream of every Bangalorean, but the ever-increasing prices of residential properties have oppressed their dreams. But with The Presidential Tower introducing affordable luxury in the Bangalore residential sector, your dream of owning one of the best luxury villas in Bangalore can soon turn into an eternal reality.

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