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Why Invest in Real Estate During Lock Down?

Why Invest in Real Estate During Lock Down?

The spring is here, but so is uncertainty. The spread of COVID-19 has significantly impacted the economy worldwide  and every body’s life on this earth ,invariably by the one way or the  other  – like ,loss of life of loved one’s , widespread hunger , plummeting of stock prices , Job and salary cuts of employees, rise in price of essential commodities etc etc, the list is endless. we are self-isolating ourselves. This lockdown has resulted in a significant changes in life style of most of us and on the nature around us too .

Keeping all the negativity aside, generally speaking ,the  spring marks the open house season and is considered one of the best times to invest in a residential property or a permanent home.

So, the Question really  is whether ,it is a right time to invest in  a residential property ?.Would it be an excellent option to invest in the best Luxury flats in Yeshwanthpur, Bengaluru, during the lockdown ? Let’s find out, an answer to this lingering question.

Should you invest in real estate during the lockdown?

If you’re looking for a straightforward answer, it is yes. Now is the ideal time to buy ultra-luxury flats in Bengaluru, and several reasons can be attributed to this favorable condition. Let’s have a look at a few of them.

Low Property Rates

With a majority of business owners and other end-users in Bengaluru demonstrating immense interest in investing in luxury properties, the prices of residential properties have surged in the past couple of years. But, the existing situation has made the investors play safe. The demand for luxury apartments in Bengaluru has suddenly plunged, which has halted the increase in property prices. Therefore, you can expect some highly competitive price and value for money kind of deals on the properties in the city. When the economy starts getting back on track, the costs will rise again, and your chances of bargaining and getting a groundbreaking deal will mitigate.

Festive Season Deals

Although the demand for the best luxurious flats in Bengaluru in this festive season is lower than those in the previous years, developers and realtors are trying to reach out to customers with irresistible offers. The prices on the best properties in Yeswanthpur, Kormangala, and Richmond Town are not rising, and it’s the best time for you to grab the perfect deal.

Lowered Repo Rates

Considering the COVID-19 pandemic, RBI has lowered the Repo Rate by 75 base points. This means that now, you’ll be able to get loans at a lower interest rate and lesser outlay on Monthly EMI’s from your pocket .and Hence overall low cost of ownership of the property than before. And since most homebuyers prefer applying for a home loan, before investing in the best Luxury flats in Yeshwanthpur, Bengaluru, this turns out to be a golden opportunity. Luxury projects in Bengaluru like The Presidential Tower are now in your budget, as the property rates are not rising, getting a loan has become more feasible, and affordable , you can have more liquidity in your hands.

Stay Safe with Technology

The country is under lockdown, and it is not advised to step out unless necessary. To address this hurdle, real estate developers like CNTC INDIA  are reaching out to their prospective buyers, through video conferencing, virtual site visits, and other means. Thus, even if you are locked down in your houses, you can have a look at the ins and outs of what a property is offering and what is in there for you. Moreover, some real estate developers have also taken the initiative to donate a small share of every purchase to the PM Cares Fund, and by investing in their property, you can play your part towards helping the nation and contribute to the needy.

Benefits of Investing in Luxury Apartments in Bengaluru

Now that you know it’s the right time to invest in real estate, let’s have a look at why luxury apartments in Bengaluru make a perfect pick for long-term investment.

They are performing assets

The best luxurious flats in Bengaluru are performing assets – you can use them while their value appreciates. For instance, suppose you purchase a 4 BHK luxury apartment in The Presidential Tower, Bengaluru, for Rs. 4 crores. If your sole purpose of buying the property is an investment, you can rent it out. Bengaluru is one of the most immigrated cities in India, with thousands of young professionals coming to the city for better career opportunities. And they need a place to stay.

For a furnished 4 BHK flat in a prime locality like Yeswanthpur, you can ask for a rent of Rs. 80,000 to 1.5 lacs per month. Moreover, properties in Bengaluru witness an appreciation rate of 3 percent per year So, you can withhold the property for five years and earn passive income from rent, and then sell your property for a 15 percent profit.

It provides individuality

Everyone wants to experience the appeal of living in ultra-luxury flats in Bengaluru. People are now ensuring their money can bring them things they can enjoy, and residential luxury is one of those things. Thus, you will never run out of tenants if you own a premium residential property.

World-class Amenities

Amenities define luxury, and rightfully so. These properties offer best-in-class facilities, such as swimming pools, rooftop decks, gyms, and more, with some projects even offering private theaters and in-house shopping centers. The developers also ensure these amenities and continually maintained to increase the investment value of the property.


Luxury villas are integrated with smart-home technology, like touch-sensitive sensors, state-of-art security systems, and solar generators to make residing a hassle-free, enjoyable experience. Technology makes life easier for everyone – children, adults, and senior citizens.


When people rent a luxury property, they pay for a luxurious lifestyle. The better lifestyle your luxury home provides, the better chances you have to get high-paying tenants and homebuyers. And residential projects like The Presidential Tower ensure you make your tenants go speechless with exquisite living experience.

CNTC Presidential Tower: Your Best Investment Option during the Lockdown

The next hurdle awaiting you is to choose the best property for investment. CNTC solves this problem by bringing to you the Presidential Tower, the tallest building in Yeshwantpur. It offers luxury apartments in Bengaluru at an all-inclusive price of Rs. 2.5-5.5 crores.

The Presidential Tower introduces the ultimate luxury experience with its international-quality construction, best-in-class infrastructure, and eco-friendly measures. It features the best amenities for a residential property, including a rooftop swimming pool, bar, restaurant, and more. This 50-storey building is located at the heart of Yeswanthpur, surrounded by the necessary services like schools, hotels, markets, and restaurants.

Therefore, if you’re looking for the best real estate investment option in Bengaluru, there’s no better pick than the tallest residential building in South India, The Presidential Tower.

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