Architect's are Indispensable to Residential Homes I The Presidential Tower

Architect’s are Indispensable to Residential Homes


“Is it possible for home to be a person and not a place?”

Stephanie Perkins

Thus went a statement that was asked many years ago. Surprisingly, the answer is a resounding YES! Here’s where an architect’s insights matter.

Homes are more than brick and mortar structures that they set out to be. Somewhere between becoming a shelter over our heads or a structure that we can sink our lifesavings into, homes become personal, beloved, treasured and living.

Besides the obvious sense of belonging, love and care that as homeowners we tend to invest in, what underlines the process is how the home was created. It begins from how the structure was built, what went into it, the physical materials as well as the minds that planned its existence.

Architects are the backbone of residential homes. They envision the place, create the backbone on which buildings hinge. They give shape to people’s dreams, raise structures that stand on their strength, endure and grow as old as their owners. They add value through design and build sustainable environments around which communities thrive. Architects therefore make very complex decisions even before building homes.

Below are a few critical factors that are decided by architects that keep structures going for decades.


A building’s facade is a coming together of many structural elements. The core metal structure of a building infact is a coming together of the designs of an architect. It is his work with several vendors that ensures a vision translated into the tangible, with the building of a strong foundation on which the structure’s integrity and longevity lies.


Beautiful residential buildings combine form and function. Because they house people, they bring together a variety of facilities and amenities to ensure comfortable living and community building. Architects help in manifesting these homes, making them visually appealing and aesthetically beautiful.


No building begins without a good plan. It is in the land approvals and contracts, the layout and planning, the design and materials where a building actually begins to take shape. Architects bring it all together in executing building construction. They take a residential building from a dream and make it a reality.

CNTC India Projects is a Hong Kong based company that has among its core team some of the best experts in the industry. Our architects are backed by decades of experience and a strong expertise in design and construction. From the iconic Shanghai Tower, to the Shanghai Nanpu Bridge and the Nanjing Huijie New City, every building is an ode to exceptional planning and innovative designs that are cutting edge, visually beautiful and fully functional forms.

Architects envision dreams and even make it all possible.

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