5 Chic Ways to Use Marble in Home Decor I THE PRESIDENTIAL TOWER
The Presidential Tower

5 Chic Ways to Use Marble in Home Decor

Do you live in the tallest residential building in Bengaluru? Is your flat regarded as one of the luxiMarble is one of that luxe, classic materials that has being a part of residences and commercial spaces for centuries. It denotes class, refined living, chic style, and luxury. Formed of recrystallised carbonate minerals, the beauty of marble is that it looks different every time. Colors, veins, striations, and sparkles can be used in different ways to liven up or complement a space within the home.

Marble is used selectively, especially when you live in the tallest tower in Bengaluru. The material is very refined and yet can be applied in several ways around the home. It can downplay an exuberant space, create minimalist tones, infuse brightness and take home from subdued to stylishly chic. Below are a few chic ways to use this beautiful stone in your home decor.


Marble is often the stone of choice for kitchens and a must for the best luxury apartments in Bengaluru. It makes for a chic and highly functional countertop in any kitchen design. Thicker and more embellished the marble, more texture and sophistication it lends to the cooking space


As much as marble is sophisticated, it also blends well with a relaxed home decor style. Matte marble flooring works well in such spaces. It is easy to clean, fits in with casual rugs and furnishings and spells comfort and class.


Marble is often thought of as flooring or windows but intact makes a great material for tables. Coffee tables, side stools in marble tops make a simple, elegant style statement. Keeping other components neutral and clean emphasises the chic quotient of the space and at The Presedential Tower in Bengaluru, you can be assured that all aesthetics is taken into account.


Marble is very rarely used for wall tiling or layering. But covering them in various shades creates a warm, inviting ambience. There’s a beautiful elegance that emanates from such rooms that can then be complimented by wooden flooring or rugs.


At The Presedential Towers, Bengaluru, bathrooms have traditionally used marble tiles. It is easier to clean and maintain them. The stone serves as an anti-skid, easier to move around and is a neutral palette to embellish the space.

Marble is a great stone to use anywhere in homes, but there are a few things to keep in mind depending on where they are placed.

  • Marble is available in different colors, striations and textures. Warmer grades of marble keep the space chic and elegant, while cool colors make it look minimalist and austere.
  • Varying the size of marble tiles actually adds texture and definition to the space
  • Marble is very sensitive to temperature variations. Understanding its location and purpose is very critical to usage.
  • The stone stains easily and must therefore be cleaned and maintained well regularly

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