Guide: Home Offices And Their Setup I The Presidential Tower

Guide: Home Offices And Their Setup

Home offices are personal spaces that combine work within in the confines of a home, a coming together of well structured boundaries. This differs from commercial office spaces that are clearly designated for a given task.

Working from home offers comfort and efficiency, but if space isn’t done well it affects productivity. This is especialy true if you are living in the best ultra luxury flat in Bengaluru. Designing a home office must be arrived at after asking yourself some key questions, separating yourself from the rest of the work in the house, reducing distractions and interruptions and amplifying time for maximum productivity. There’s a clear distinction that works which depends on many factors.

Ask yourself these questions before you begin:

* What will you be doing in the space?

* What type of work needs to be done?

* Will external clients be visiting the space?

* Will colleagues visit for collaborative work?

* What type of materials will be referenced and/or stored?

* What type of equipment is required?

* When will I be doing the bulk of my work?

* Will I be making conference calls?

* Will I be video conferencing?

Many of these questions will lead you satisfactorily, and with a home at The Presidential Tower Bengaluru, your need for conferences, networking and entertainment will be taken care of at the Business Centre, Member’s Lounge, Library, Spa and 50th floor Infinity pool. What you will be left with, is to design your home workspace so that it works for you optimally. The best luxury flats in Bengaluru offered at the tallest tower in Bengaluru offer all these facilities and more.

There are 5 very important things you need to consider when designing your home office space.


To be speedy and efficient, question every purchase you make and everything you will need. Get a wireless hub for your office for better flexibility of work, a separate phone line to make meeting calls and for business networking, good quality basic equipment such as a printer, fax machine, conference table and a comfortable chair including a cupboard for storing files. Invest in good equipment that is fast, efficient and value for money. Don’t forget to buy insurance that covers it all.


Good lighting is essential for the home office. Use as much daylight as possible but balance it with white light. General and task light combinations will reduce stress on your eyes, make work easier and brings out the full quality of your work. If lighting levels are too low, there can be negative psychological effects, including depression. To avoid glare, don’t place overhead lighting directly above computer screens, and don’t put a computer screen directly in front of a light source. That will cause eyestrain. If you live at The Presidential Towers Bengaluru, you no longer need to worry about lighting


Noise and interruptions are not conducive to work. Planning the office area means ensuring a degree of privacy. Headphones can work to some extent but portable screens can help shield the area. Alternatively divider walls can hold bookcases or a screen. Privacy ensures that the space is segregated from the rest of the home.


Health, safety and welfare are critical components and these depend on how easy and convenient it is for you to work. Furniture and items chosen for the office must be adjustable and comfortable. Good back and leg support, things being within easy access and relaxed hands and joints make work experience enjoyable.


In the tallest building in Bengaluru, there must be a place for everything, an old saying goes. In the home office space, it helps relieve stress, keeps things in order and helps in better organisation. Productivity is maximum with an organised desk. Solutions can be as simple as having separate holders for pens, clips, to a file for receipts and a whiteboard that lists deliverables. When storage is taken care of, then organisation becomes easy and work runs smoothly.

Setting up a home office is more about planning than selecting the right furniture. Once done well, it directly translates into an optimal workspace, increased productivity and better peace of mind. With The Presidential Tower’s Business Centre and Business lounge within easy access, it is possible to create a fully functional and optimised workspace within the confines of your home.

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