Working from Home can Boost Productivity I The Presidential Tower
The Presidential Tower

The 3 Ways Working from Home can be a Productivity Booster

Productivity is the buzzword for every working professional today. Being productive, getting work done and finishing tasks are important, and yet it is compromised given the way our cities especially Bengaluru function. Travel, commute and the digital medium are productivity killers. The answer therefore lies in ‘working from home’, rather than ‘going to work’. Homes in the The Presidential Tower are designed to make everything easily accessible and work productive.

Considered to be the most productive workspace according to research by Jabra, the home office is increasingly becoming a favourite with all kinds of professionals. A quieter, saner space than one where noise and chatter abound, an office within the home is accessible to all kinds of amenities and facilities, boosts work deliverables and keeps people focused.

How do such homes help boost productivity?

Provide Focus

Working from home helps you finish off tasks quickly and keeps you focused and on schedule. Distractions abound in a professional setup with conversations and meetings, ensuring that you drop and attend to things immediately. In a home office, everything can be scheduled and prioritised as per the need. Work then becomes focused and purposeful. Having a home office in an apartment that is surrounded by all kinds of amenities makes you focus on work without giving up on personal pleasures.

Prioritise Tasks

Given the travel that happens and the amount of time spent in moving about, working from home can save on much needed commuting time. When it comes to family, health and work, priority must always be the former. Prioritising how much time you give to it, depends on how much you can do with what’s available. While working from home, and living in a place like CNTC’s The Presidential Tower, you have easy access to jogging tracks, playgrounds, swimming pools. This time can be spent with your children and family without keeping work at the backseat.

Powers Health

Health is the sum total of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. While the feeling of job satisfaction is productive by itself, it doesn’t last for long if health isn’t looking very great. No amount of money, travel and success can make up for it in the long run. It is here that working from home can balance all the aspects of life that need focus. Having an office at home, does away with commute time, helps you unwind whenever the need arises. In a place like the Presidential Tower with the Sky deck and Meditation centre, green leafy courtyards and more, health will not be too far behind.

With 24/7 work schedules that need almost superhuman effort to manage, it is in adjusting and managing with little things that you can have the best of both worlds and be very productive. With CNTC’s the Presidential Tower, all of these luxuries and amenities are available by default to ensure you live in a home that is the only one of its kind in Bengaluru.

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