5 Great Tips For Designing Luxury Homes I The Presidential Tower

5 Great Tips For Designing Luxury Homes

Bright, beautiful and ravishing, there are so many aspects to defining luxury. As a homeowner you can craft interiors any way you want while reflecting your own design aesthetics signifying who’s home it is. Luxury isn’t just seen, its tangible and felt by whoever experiences the place.

Luxury homes are seen as showcase spaces. They need to reflect the status and power of the homeowner. While it takes an expert to put together the look, it can still be about you and your design sensibilities. Below are 7 factors to keep in mind when designing luxury home interiors and build its ravishing quotient.


Wallpapers are a simple and most elegant way to transform the look and feel of a home, particularly the living room. Homes with rich wallpapers automatically redefine luxury. Cool designs, impressive patterns when chosen to reflect the mood can make your home stand out. Look out for rare and unique designs online from access suggestions from your vendors. Alternatively you can get it customised too.


Have you ever walked into a washroom or used a home’s washbasin and observed faucets? A well selected one automatically changes the perception of the homeowners in your mind. Faucets designed with modern technology, customised for use and impressive in design can transform homes. They have stopped becoming only water outlets, but now mean more comfort and convenience for the home. Automatic sensor faucet, ornate gilded ones or even minimalist ones attract and redefine luxury in a home.


Curtains, carpets, furnishings are one of the most notable aspects of a home. They define the mood of a place, can make homes feel warm and cold by their color and designs, can add relaxation or a mood of anxious excitement. Select them with care and designs that redefine luxury. Colors such as black, gold, beige, royal blue are perfect in materials and finishes that are subtle yet sophisticated


Lighting can make your home sparkle, setting the mood and atmosphere. Their choice, design and placement are equally important. Other than the colors, there are different designs based on where they are to be used. Include three different kinds of lighting too wherever relevant.


One rule of thumb when redefining luxury, is that ‘less is more’. Clutter kills luxury, it confuses a home’s ambience. Too many furniture pieces, nonfunctioning appliances, many photographs can all be distracting. Simplicity, smartness and great organisation can take a simple home and redefine it into one of luxury.

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