Selecting the Right Kind of Wood for Your Luxury Home I The Presidential Tower

Selecting the Right Kind of Wood for Your Luxury Home

Selecing the right type of furniture is very important, espeically when you live in ultra luxury flats in Bengaluru and inthe best ultra luxury villas in Bengaluru. When we buy a piece of furniture, we don’t necessarily buy it only for its appeal or look, nor just for its utility value or strength, furniture is also bought because of the way it makes us feel.


While furniture is the product that we actually purchase, its strength, look, and durability lies in its source, the wood.

Wood can be distinguished with many different traits and it is this that elevates the design and interiors of a home, and this is especially true when you live in the tallest tower in Bengaluru. The many factors that help you in choosing the wood that you want for your furniture, include the availability of the wood in question (especially certain types of exotic wood), strength, price, color, and any staining, the grain or the quality and texture of the wood that differentiates it from the other types, and lastly, the aesthetic considerations of whether you want a piece of furniture that is both the centrepiece of both your room and the centre of conversations that surround it or furniture that simply fits in with the rest of your collection.

Wood enhances the luxury appeal and nothing takes away from its sheen and finish, texture and gloss. Understanding this and other details will help you understand and appreciate a work of wood art. Furniture pieces are true gems, but what adds to their value and respect, is their authenticity and age.


Walnut is a very versatile and durable wood that is resistant to shrinkage, knocks, stress, warping and cupping and when it comes to the best luxury flats in Bengaluru Yeshwanthpur, there’s nothing better than Walnut. This makes it perfect for furniture that requires versatile work and intricate details, such as curios, coffee tables, dining tables, and center tables. It also has a beautiful texture and a rich brown hue, with the exterior sapwood appearing lighter in colour. It is not that often used in furniture nowadays, due to the fact that walnut has become more difficult to procure. Its colouring is its most exquisite feature, with the grain shining through even when left natural and without polish.


Cedar is perfect for outdoor furniture. One form of cedar, aromatic cedar, is said to repel mosquitos and insects and is used inside wardrobes and closets. Cedar is a softwood and can resist moisture and the effects of temperature and sometimes comes with a lot of knots instead of clean, solid cedar boards.


Cypress is known for its durability and contains natural preservatives that hold resistance to decay and insects like a termite, which plague most good forms of wood.


One of the most traditional and regal wood types, mahogany is hardwood that possesses a red and brown tint. It takes a longer time to mature but tolerates different temperatures well and is resistant to moisture, cupping, warping or denting, which makes it perfect for entry doors and porches. It is not as heavy as maple. Due to its ability to take any type of work and detailing, it is used for furniture that requires a lot of elaborate work, such as sliding cabinets, intricately crafted dining tables, and more.

Procuring mahogany trees causes damage to surrounding areas and forests, so substitutes like Sipo or the Khaya or African mahogany are used. With even Khaya mahogany getting scarce, other varieties of wood, like lyptus are used. Lyptus was grown and specifically cultivated in Brazil as a cross between two different varieties of Eucalyptus, and is as durable as maple.


Pecan and Hickory are visually similar and belong to the same biological family, with Pecan from South America and Hickory from the North. They come from different areas and are cross-fertilized in some countries. Hickory is heavier than Pecan and they come in different colours, usually a light to medium brown or a light cream hue.


Teak is a classic and thus, it’ imperative that it should be a choice of wood for the best  luxury apartments in Bengaluru. Teak wood is very expensive but strong, regal, beautiful and durable and is capable of retaining its finish over time. Teakwood furniture is often found traditionally used by homes for years. Adding a piece to your collection works better than creating a new one for the home.


True to its name, this fine-grained wood is almost black and pure black ebony is called African ebony, used mostly in crafting statues, figurines, and showpieces.


This is very hardy wood and more of a workhorse than wood that is marked by beauty or aesthetics. It is also very expensive.


More expensive than other forms of wood and rarer, exotic wood is preferred over traditional wood only in case of very unique or aesthetic furniture items. Nothing says luxury especially at The Presidential Towers Bengaluru than exotic wood.


Pine is a softwood that is coarse in texture and was a popular material for furniture during colonial times. These days, it is not used very often for furniture but more so for knotty woodwork, where the furniture can be left unpainted, giving it a distinctly rustic feel. These large and myriad knots add to the decorative aspect as seen in this dining table set.

Wood is versatile and the single important factor that can change the look of the home, from simple to luxurious, elegant to royal. It transforms, uplifts and adds texture to space. Knowing what wood you want to use in a home such as The Presidential Tower will help you select what works for you, taking luxury up a notch.

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