Basics That Define Luxury Living, Tangibles and Intangibles I The Presidential Tower

Basics That Define Luxury Living, Tangibles and Intangibles

Basics That Define Luxury Living, Tangibles and Intangibles

Luxury is a very relative term. What is Mac for one, may be Forest Essentials for another and what is an Apple for some, may be another tech brand for another. Real luxury is rooted in authenticity and this echoes in the brand and what they trace their roots from. Authenticity lies in substance, in keeping word and delivering as promised.

A good lifestyle isn’t just about luxury, but goes beyond that. It defines a sense of self, a sense of arriving into society, of manifesting all the work put into to showcase a great career and good connects. Lifestyle is also about living well, surrounded by amenities and facilities that make life easier and in turn lends to more success.

In the McKinsey report, “Luxury lifestyle: Business beyond buzzwords” luxury is defined by a set of core principles, one developed as a slow, evolutionary process that requires patience and care. These principles are carried through in every aspect, into the different elements, materials, ideologies and thought processes.


Communicating luxury begins with authenticity. As a buyer of any brand, your purchases convey the kind of person you are. Lifestyle is a result of what we do, not the intended purpose. By buying authentic and being real, you communicate how far you’ve come and where you want to go.


Value is a concept that goes beyond money. It isn’t the price you put on a product but what it means to you personally. A great value product may cost less but mean so much more for your family. Heirloom furniture pieces, an infinity pool you can indulge in with friends, a helipad that will save you commute time are also immeasurably valuable beyond the price put on them.


Beyond their look and design, price and other tangibles luxury is also exuded in the uniqueness of the home. In its exceptional height and beautiful facade, in being able to do more than just provide refuge. In the quality of fabric used for furnishing and the details that go into making the product of ease and convenience.

Luxury is a collection of tangibles and intangibles, some seen and some felt. These basics and details are all a part of CNTC India’s The Presidential Tower, a statement that is subtle and sophisticated, of value and pride.

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