Bay Windows and Their Uniqueness
The Presidential Tower

Bay Windows and Their Uniqueness

Homes reflect much about the people living in them and when you are living in the tallest tower in Bengaluru, people know you have arrived, in style. From the choice of flooring to the furnishings, wall hangings to the layout, everything adds up to convey an ambiance of luxury and sophistication. Bay Windows are an integral part of luxury homes, when you are living in the best ultra luxury flats in Bengaluru. They afford the viewer an unparalleled view of the world outside while also emphasizing the spaciousness within.

When designing living rooms or bedrooms, The Presidential Towers, known as the tallest building in Bengaluru look to ensure that the space has adequate ventilation, air movement, and light. Large windows are the perfect answer, but even they have their limitations. The position of these large windows depends on the layout of the space, entranceways, walking passages and family movement. Taking these into consideration restricts the choice of height and width while limiting what can be done with them.

At The Presidential Tower, windows are specially designed to offer so much more. Bay windows in all of our homes are a part of every living, bedroom and kitchen space. They are large, airy and expansive windows stretching from end-to-end, positioned so as to let the air and light in while providing incredible vantage points to look over the city.

Made up of a large centre window with two smaller windows on either side, the side windows are positioned at approximately a 30-40 degree angle. These bay windows are created as double-hung windows with the centre being a fixed one. The special advantage of bay windows at The Presidential Tower Bengaluru is additional seating spaces, that provide for great views of the city. These have also been built into the kitchen and dining room to sit around while cooking or to catch up on rest.


Unlike regular windows bay windows help in using wall space to the maximum. They are a great addition to the large homes in the tower, exaggerating the space, increasing the expansiveness and lending a touch of sophistication and luxury.

Having them affords;

– More brightness and natural light

– Excellent views of the surrounding Yeshwantpur area

– Clean, minimalist and contemporary look

– Vantage points for get-togethers and family gatherings

– Increased curb appeal for your home

– Excellent ventilation and plenty of fresh air

– Appearance of more floor space

Bay windows make a world of a difference to a home. They enhance its look and feel and are very attractive to future buyers. They also make the home appear larger than it actually is.

At The Presidential Tower, bay windows are one among a host of luxury amenities we provide. To know what else is a part of the iconic 50-floor Presidential Tower, visit our website and find more details here.

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